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These are the worst cities for working from home

This article was originally published on May 15, 2020.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to change lives across the nation, many workers have shifted to remote work to adhere to social-distancing guidelines. Luckily, working from home has never been easier. Thanks to advances in technology, many professionals have been able to continue plowing through their to-do lists from the comfort of their couch.

However, some cities are better for remote work than others. Cities that are more appealing to telecommuters have higher earning power for the remote workers who live there and more remote work opportunities. Additionally, cities with longer

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‘Baghdad Central’ takes on TV’s worst Arab stereotypes. Even its cast was ‘shocked’

Waleed Zuaiter in "Baghdad Central," which premieres Friday on Hulu. <span class="copyright">(Sife Elamine / Fremantle)</span>
Waleed Zuaiter in “Baghdad Central,” which premieres Friday on Hulu. (Sife Elamine / Fremantle)

A piano plays a minor-key waltz as the slouching silhouette of Muhsin Khafaji, a disgraced detective, walks up a dilapidated alleyway. So opens “Baghdad Central,” a six-part police serial produced by Britain’s Channel 4, with the Iraqi capital sometime after 2003 as its backdrop.

Saddam is gone. In his stead, the Americans have come, the British too, sallying into the treacherous sands of post-invasion Iraq to remake a nation in their own image — no matter what Iraqis want — and make some money along the

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