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Florida lawyers offering free living wills to teachers returning to school during the pandemic

A number of Florida lawyers are offering free or discounted living wills for teachers who may be required to return to the classroom this school year.

“I had read a story a few weeks ago about three Arizona teachers who’d gone back to school to work on a project,” said Charles Gallagher, whose St. Petersburg law firm, Gallagher & Associates, is among those offering teachers free living wills. “All three contracted COVID-19 and one died.”

Gallagher said he was “taken aback by the story” and he wasn’t the only one, as advocates are now warning about the risks of sending

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Herald picks Rywell, Zapata, Navarro, Lawther for Miami-Dade School Board

These are trying times for the Miami-Dade school district, its superintendent and its governing nine-member School Board. As they struggle with the impact of COVID-19 and the question of how to reopen schools in the fall, there will be more upheaval to the way things used to be. In an unprecedented scenario, three incumbents, Martin Karp, Lawrence Feldman and Susie V. Castillo, have stepped down, opening the door for real change on the board.

And while board member Steve Gallon III had no opposition and was automatically reelected, incumbent Lubby Navarro has two challengers. By the end of election season,

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