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Why AERC Remains One of the Few Venues for Real Intellectuals

Starting Friday, the Mises Institute will be hosting the Austrian Economics Research Conference, an event I consider one of the highlights of the year. What makes AERC a particularly unique event is that it provides a platform for Austrian scholars—and intellectual allies—to present new, important work and to have it engaged with sincerely and honestly by other serious intellectuals. At a time when universities have become the most intolerant institutions toward intellectual freedom, environments like this have never been more important.

Another unique advantage of AERC is that it is not isolated to ivory tower academics, but instead encourages intellectual

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Ben & Jerry’s Showed America What Real Corporate Activism Looks Like

Ben & Jerry's wants to end white supremacy, among other progressive goals. (Photo: Ben & Jerry's)
Ben & Jerry’s wants to end white supremacy, among other progressive goals. (Photo: Ben & Jerry’s)

On June 2, while many other brands in the United States were posting a black square to their social media accounts and making carefully worded statements about racism in the wake of George Floyd’s death, Ben & Jerry’s had a much more direct message. The ice cream company tweeted an image that in bold letters read: “WE MUST DISMANTLE WHITE SUPREMACY.”

Among the flood of bland and empty corporate platitudes, the post stood out. It was no viral fluke, but the product of decades

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