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Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump’s friendship: a timeline

If you’ve watched Netflix’s new Jeffrey Epstein documentary, Filthy Rich, you’ll likely have been shocked to learn about the extent of financier Epstein’s sexual abuse of young women – many of whom were underage. But while filling us in on many of the harrowing details surrounding Epstein’s ‘pyramid scheme’ of sexual assault, the four-part-series also left us with a few questions. One of which was, what was the relationship between Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump, the reality TV businessman-turned President of the United States?

Epstein and Trump are pictured together numerous times throughout the documentary, and after once publicly describing

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DeFi and Traditional Finance Are Forming an Unlikely Friendship

Decentralized finance (DeFi) and traditional finance are perhaps not as oil-and-water as most think.

There are few topics as controversial in the crypto sector as decentralized finance. Many believe it is the future of finance – removing middlemen will lower costs, unleash efficiencies and create a more transparent, resilient and better-distributed framework. Others (myself included) find the idea terrifying – a financial system without oversight or an off switch is even more vulnerable to manipulation and error than one that is legally accountable to the user and can be fixed when things go wrong. If a DeFi platform can be

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