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‘There will be damage.’ How new coronavirus shutdowns will hammer Sacramento’s economy

Jay Brown, owner of King of Curls on Freeport Boulevard, has survived in the Sacramento business scene for 50 years by being nimble and finding market niches, starting with hair-styling for Black customers, then adding dreadlocks and hair braiding.

He now faces a new challenge.

Amid a dangerous surge in COVID-19 cases, Gov. Gavin Newsom on Monday ordered the shutdown of a broad swath of businesses in most of California, including hair salons.

Brown’s reaction is to adapt. He had already begun selling imported African-American clothing and he just got a large shipment of distinctive West African face masks to

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Turkey Is Struggling to Undo Lockdown Damage

(Bloomberg) —

Once the growth engine of Turkey’s $750 billion economy, consumers are setting their sights lower in the post-lockdown era.

After the coronavirus pandemic struck Turkey in mid-March, the government severely limited people’s movements at the expense of business activity, keeping most curbs in place until late May. The lifting of restrictions alone hasn’t been enough to bring the consumer economy back, while a second surge in new infections soon followed.

High-frequency indicators over the past few weeks gave a snapshot of an uneven and weak recovery even before new cases started to rise again in recent days. Lacking

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