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How 2 Lives Collided in Central Park, Rattling the Nation

Amy Cooper with her dog, Henry. (Alison Faircloth via The New York Times)
Amy Cooper with her dog, Henry. (Alison Faircloth via The New York Times)

NEW YORK — Christian Cooper began his Memorial Day like most of his May mornings, searching for Blackburnian warblers, scarlet tanagers and other songbirds that wing their way into Central Park.

In his Lower East Side apartment, Cooper, 57, slung on his prize possession, his Swarovski binoculars — a pricey 50th birthday present from his late father. Leaving his boyfriend asleep in bed, he biked 3 miles away, to the semi-wild section of the park, the Ramble.

Around the same time, Amy Cooper, 40, who is not

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‘Baghdad Central’ takes on TV’s worst Arab stereotypes. Even its cast was ‘shocked’

Waleed Zuaiter in "Baghdad Central," which premieres Friday on Hulu. <span class="copyright">(Sife Elamine / Fremantle)</span>
Waleed Zuaiter in “Baghdad Central,” which premieres Friday on Hulu. (Sife Elamine / Fremantle)

A piano plays a minor-key waltz as the slouching silhouette of Muhsin Khafaji, a disgraced detective, walks up a dilapidated alleyway. So opens “Baghdad Central,” a six-part police serial produced by Britain’s Channel 4, with the Iraqi capital sometime after 2003 as its backdrop.

Saddam is gone. In his stead, the Americans have come, the British too, sallying into the treacherous sands of post-invasion Iraq to remake a nation in their own image — no matter what Iraqis want — and make some money along the

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