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Eldercare homes levy steep fees amid pandemic

The bill from her sister’s Texas senior care facility must be a mistake, Claire Harrison thought. She skimmed the unexpected line items: $11.04 for masks and gloves, $805 for care coordination, $1,200 for supplies including a coronavirus control chamber.

The last figure – the same amount her sister had recently received in stimulus money from the federal government – stood out. Harrison said she felt it couldn’t be a coincidence.  

“It was the first thing that entered my head,” said Harrison, whose sister had tested positive for COVID-19 shortly before the bill from Legend of Mansfield arrived in late April.

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How to successfully pitch a VC over Zoom

This article was originally published on Built In by Russ Wilcox.

If you can raise capital right now, you will have something in common with Taylor Swift. Closing a venture deal during 2020 is like writing a pop song that hits No. 1 on the charts. It takes tremendous work and skill to achieve, not just luck.

In fact, VC funds are much like record labels, because both make the bulk of their money on their platinum deals. A major venture fund can only thrive if it manages to find and lead one of the top 10 to 20

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Shopping from black-owned businesses is a vote for equality with our wallets


The murder of black American George Floyd in May has been a catalyst for demanding racial equality across the world. Conversations have swiftly moved beyond police brutality to interrogate the wider racist context it sits in. Workplace discrimination, institutionalised racism and Britain’s colonial hangover are all issues demanding change and accountability – and it’s about time.

The Black Lives Matter demonstrations organised across Britain were met with shock and confusion by a lot of people: why were we risking Covid-19 to protest an event that happened thousands of miles away in another country, another society? But those most affected

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15 Money Truths Your Successful Friends Won’t Tell You

Are you tired of working the same job you’ve sworn to quit countless times? You might be stuck in a rut — and your more successful friends have noticed. You might envy their Saturday morning hikes and large retirement accounts, but it might simply be a result of not approaching problems or opportunities like they do.

If you’re wondering what your successful friends are thinking about the way you manage work and money, take a seat because here is what they’re not telling you.

Last updated: Dec. 17, 2019

You Need To Budget

You know that friend you’re always hitting

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Javad Marandi Wants Investors to Step Up, and Slow Down

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LONDON — Slowing down the fashion cycle has become a hot topic in the wake of the coronavirus, but what about slowing down investment?

What if, instead of taking the short or even medium-term view, fashion investors took the long one, and cultivated businesses for years, with no intention of selling, similar to what LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, Richemont and Kering do?

In Britain, committed, long-term investors in fashion and the creative industries are rare. One of them is Javad Marandi, a self-made businessman who believes in taking the long haul with

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