Month: May 2020

DeFi and Traditional Finance Are Forming an Unlikely Friendship

Decentralized finance (DeFi) and traditional finance are perhaps not as oil-and-water as most think.

There are few topics as controversial in the crypto sector as decentralized finance. Many believe it is the future of finance – removing middlemen will lower costs, unleash efficiencies and create a more transparent, resilient and better-distributed framework. Others (myself included) find the idea terrifying – a financial system without oversight or an off switch is even more vulnerable to manipulation and error than one that is legally accountable to the user and can be fixed when things go wrong. If a DeFi platform can be

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Northwestern Announces $90 Million Shortfall, Furloughs 250 Staff

EVANSTON, IL — Northwestern University officials project a $90 million budget shortfall for the current fiscal year as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. University leaders announced Monday they would personally take pay cuts, furlough 250 workers and start withdrawing more money from the university’s endowment.

“Even if we resume on-campus activity in the fall, as we hope to do by phases, we are likely to see a significant shortfall in the 2021 fiscal year as well, perhaps as great as or greater than what we are experiencing this year,” President Morton Schapiro, Interim Provost Kathleen Hagerty and Senior Vice

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Coronavirus’ Boost to Online Consumption in Asia Lifts More Than Entertainment

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Consumers around Asia have been locked down, had their travel restricted and been forced to spend more time with their families. Their digital consumption has risen. But the changing patterns of online usage have lifted far more categories than entertainment.

A new research note from ComScore, published Thursday, presents data from six territories in Asia-Pacific. It focuses only on the month of March, when the coronavirus was still a relatively new phenomenon and many government measures were being introduced for the first time.

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In Hong Kong, when border control and

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Bloomberg learns what his billions can’t buy

Money can buy you a lot of things. Health (anyone who tells you that rich people don’t live longer on average than the rest of us is, as they said back in the day, high), nice clothes, fancy cars, big homes and love (yes, that means happiness as well). You can also throw into the mix the mayoralty of the nation’s largest city.

But as Mike Bloomberg taught us over the past several weeks, it can’t buy you a major party’s presidential nomination. Shame on those of us (that includes me) who thought otherwise.

I guess you can say we

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Jupiter calls for Barclays to stop fossil fuel lending

Pressure is growing on Barclays (BARC.L) to curb lending to fossil fuel companies, with a significant investor publicly backing calls for the bank to change its ways.

Jupiter Asset Management (JUP.L) on Tuesday said it would support a shareholder campaign calling for Barclays to put a stop lending to fossil fuel and utility companies that don’t align with the goals of the 2015 Paris agreement.

Investor campaign group ShareAction filed a resolution in January calling for Barclays to publish a plan to gradually reduce its fossil fuel lending. Investors will vote on ShareAction’s proposal at Barclays’s annual general meeting (AGM)

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