Investor Gary Vaynerchuk warns of impending ‘NFT winter’ doom [Video]

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, have already been all the rage in 2021 among influencers looking to monetize their fan bases, but now one well-known investor is issuing a warning about NFTs — along with an NFT collection of his own.

Serial entrepreneur and early Facebook and Coinbase investor Gary Vaynerchuk announced the launch of his VeeFriends NFT project Wednesday, featuring more than 10,000 unique digital character tokens that also give owners access to various real-life events like Vaynerchuk’s future annual VeeCon business conferences and VIP access. The NFTs are set to be auctioned off to winning bidders with transactions settled

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South Bend schools making plans for first $9 million in referendum projects | Education

SOUTH BEND — The South Bend school board is setting the stage for the first school improvement projects that are being paid for with the district’s 2020 referendum dollars.

The board approved 11 bids Monday night for roofing, paving and other facilities improvements to be completed across the district this summer.

The bid awards come after the board approved in January $9 million in spending from the South Bend district’s $54 million capital projects referendum passed by voters last summer.

A second question on last June’s ballot asked voters to approve an operating referendum expected to bring $20.5 million annually

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Niall Ferguson Examines Disasters of the Past and Disasters Still to Come

If the book’s vast temporal scope leads it to resemble histories written in earlier times, its drive to pronounce on events in cultures spanning the globe and its heavy reliance on cutting-edge theories makes “Doom” very much a product of our moment. It belongs on the shelf next to recent ambitious and eclectic books by authors like Jared Diamond, Nassim Nicholas Taleb and Steven Pinker. What unites these writers is their disregard for traditional disciplinary boundaries and a determination to reach for synoptic knowledge of stupefyingly complex subjects.

The result, in Ferguson’s case, is a book containing some genuine wisdom,

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WVSU not raising tuition, but meal plan, dorm charges increase | Education

West Virginia State University won’t be raising tuition next academic year, but charges for meal plans and dormitories and two other fees will increase.

The university’s Board of Governors approved these increases Friday, in a voice vote with no dissent:

  • The orientation fee for freshmen and transfer students will rise from $100 to $150;
  • The one-time application fee for graduate students will rise from $28 to $50;
  • Meal plans will increase from $2,267 to $2,562 per semester to $2,351 to $2,657; and
  • A $100 refundable dorm room damage and reservation deposit will no longer be refundable, so the already required
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Houston High School Makes History with 9 Valedictorians with 5.0 GPA

Nine valedictorians — all with a 5.0 GPA — are set to graduate this June at Bellaire High School in Houston.

Bellaire Principal Michael McDonough said he is proud of what the nine senior students achieved at school and how they overcame the obstacles brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I began to consider the idea of two to three valedictorians, but I never imagined nine,” McDonough said in a statement posted on the Houston Independent School District page on April 9. “These students are also involved in after-school activities and leaders in various organizations. To juggle their schoolwork and extracurriculars,

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